… a joy to work with!

My wife and I have bought and sold eighteen homes over the last 30 years and have had varied experiences with our real estate agents. Some agents could not or would not take the time to discover what we wanted in a home – so we found the homes on our own. Some agents only showed homes they had listed or which had the highest realtor commission.

Julianne is at the other end of the spectrum. By questioning us, and by paying attention as we toured the first two homes, she was quickly able to determine exactly the type of home and location we desired. She did her research, focusing on homes that checked off all our wants. When we decided on the home we wanted, she expertly walked us through the negotiations. She was not taken aback by our wanting to negate our offer on the home which had moisture and mildew issues in the crawlspace. We had returned to our home in Florida but Julianne walked us through the termination of our offer via the phone and email.

Fortunately, we had a second home as a backup in case the first home fell through. Julianne assisted in making the offer, again remotely, which enabled us to expedite the purchase, resulting in a smooth process and a three plus week closing.

Julianne’s people skills, attentiveness, and a great work ethic, make her a joy to work with.

— Pres and Evelyn